Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Thought provoking piece on Libertarianism & Education

I came across Radical libertarianism does not provide for fairness in education when reading Libertarian news stories. It's a well done and thought provoking piece that covers some of my own personal concerns when it comes to balancing libertarianism and education.

One small part of the highlighted piece:

Despite my libertarian streak, I find that the only feasible option to correct this inequality would be either to place a restriction of attending public schools only or to implement a voucher system in which tuition would be limited to the cost of the voucher alone. Restricting schooling options to only public schools is suboptimal because it would not account for geographic disparities—someone living in the ghetto will still have to attend school in the ghetto, and richer families will still have a benefit, if a more subtle one. A voucher system would only work if parents could not pay for tuition beyond the voucher itself. Otherwise, we would be back at square one—rich parents would send their children to schools whose tuition is much higher than the cost of a publicly-issued voucher.

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