Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Is Obama’s Speech Indoctrination?

There's been quite a bit of discussion on both of my other blogs on the topic of President Obama's speech to school children. This article, however, takes a bit of a different view that I found interesting. Written by Jacob G. Hornberger, on Media With Conscience I found this part to be one small aspect of the larger recommended article something not written much about:
You can always count on conservatives for injecting a bit of humor, albeit unintentionally, into any national political debate. The latest example involves their railing against President Obama’s plan to deliver a speech to the public-school students of America. The conservatives are calling the president’s speech “indoctrination.”

Why is that funny? No, not for the reason liberals are giving — that the very notion that a presidential speech to public-school students could be considered “indoctrination” is just plain loony.

No, the reason this whole controversy is funny is because it is obvious that neither conservatives nor liberals have given any consideration to where those students will be located when the president delivers his speech: at government centers of learning that their parents have been forced to send them to, thanks to compulsory-attendance laws.

What do conservatives and liberals think takes place in a government center of learning?

The best indoctrination, of course, is where the people who have been indoctrinated don’t even know that they have been indoctrinated. Most public-school graduates, whether in Cuba or the U.S. or elsewhere, are prime examples of this type of success story.

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