Wednesday, September 02, 2009

It's true, you might not be a libertarian

This was too good to not share, from Eric Sundwall You might not be a Libertarian...

1. If you harbor a deep sense that people are stupid and that your cabal has the answer for their benefit, you might not be a libertarian.

2. If you are against war, but keep on voting for people who propagate and rationalize it, you might not be a libertarian.

3. If you believe people should be considered illegal by virtue of their proximity to an imaginary line called a border, you might not be libertarian.

4. If you believe that the common good is something served by the presence of goon squads ripping plants up that are deemed a threat, you might also qualify as a grant writer, but you are certainly not a libertarian.

5. If you believe that a private service is suddenly a 'right' or should be universally delivered, than you may force farmers to produce food, but don't check with your doctor to see if you are a libertarian.

6. If you believe that government schools are a public good and expect different results from more funding, you have most likely never read Mises and certainly cannot be accused of advocating choice with regard to how little brains are filled.

7. Whether you drive a Prius or Escalade, if you belief that it's our God given right to have cheap oil, you are certainly not concerned about the efficiency or fairness of the free market and alas, not a libertarian.

8. If you believe that you have paid into Social Security an amount that demands fair renumeration come time to settle on the front porch, you may actually have bought a part of that bridge in Brooklyn, but you are not likely to win any Free State Project awards.

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