Sunday, September 06, 2009

Libertarians who voted for Obama?

I found it interesting that someone who is a proclaimed Libertarian would vote for Obama, I'm far from a hard core one, which I have never pretended otherwise but I couldn't vote for Obama. Yet, it's being reported in the media during the whole tea party adventures continuing through out the country that those who voted for Obama have now changed their mind, including some Libertarians, as in the Middletown Journal:
Wendy Jenkins of Anderson, Ind., stood out among some holding a sign that read: “I am ashamed I voted for Obama.”

“I had to be honest about it,” she said.

Jenkins said she is a Libertarian who thought she was making the right decision when she voted for Obama. She no longer feels that way, citing the war and the Patriot Act as factors.

“If the government would follow the laws of the Constitution, we would be fine,” Jenkins said.

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