Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Are Libertarians liberal or conservative?

An interesting article on the question raised in the title on Collegiate Times that I recommend reading in full. One part I found especially interesting:

It's very true that modern libertarians share many similarities with the classical liberals of the Enlightenment. However, the modern term "liberal" is used to describe an ideology that has less in common with libertarianism than it does with its "conservative" opposition. It's fair to say that libertarians mostly reject labels of liberal and conservative. Instead libertarians hold a system of beliefs that emphasize maximum individual liberty.

This is a viewpoint often in opposition to modern liberal and conservatives who tend to speak in terms of national identity and common good. I reject these types of collectivist concepts as nothing more than baseless catchphrases - each of which gives me an unpleasant sense of Orwellian vagueness and false unity for all.

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