Saturday, January 23, 2010

Laptop versus netbook

Since we now have another member in our household, my work laptop has been borrowed on a regular basis (when I'm not at work) so that he can go online for homework and entertainment needs. Even prior to that I've been thinking about the netbook versus laptop purchase scenario for several reasons.

One being for the netbook, I'd like something smaller and lighter since I take the bus to work and it's a little bit of a walk from the bus stop downtown to where I work and an even longer walk at night if I have to take the bus home. My current laptop is not one of the newer lighter models. One being against the netbook is they don't come with a CD drive and I'm not sure how it would hold up for the live blogging that I do from time to time. However, the price of the netbooks continues to drop, as well as laptops, so when I get ready to purchase one or the other? It will be much less expensive than the older laptop was when it was new...That much I know for certain.

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