Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Free our inner Yankee

I came across this blog post while surfing for Libertarian news, The Inner Yankee. I recommend heading over and reading the work of Phil Maymin. One part I particularly enjoyed:

In the world of academia, it is a cliché to observe that the more educated the faculty the more likely they are to be socialists, but that might be a combination of effects, including the ivory tower feeling that we can and should control the masses, if only we had the right people in charge.

You probably knew all there really is to know about right and wrong when you were a toddler: Don't take other people's stuff; don't hit. Since then, you've grown a lot smarter. Now, it is okay to take other people's stuff if someone else wants or needs it more; that's called "redistribution." It's okay to hit someone your government considers an enemy; that's part of "spreading democracy."

There's much more, you'll enjoy it, trust me :-)

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