Sunday, January 10, 2010

Debra Medina does not rule out Texas leaving the union or does she?

As I started reading, Medina adds fire, uncertainty in Texas governor's race in the Dallas news, I came across this, emphasis mine:

AUSTIN, Texas — The Republican race for governor has mostly been a heavyweight showdown, with the senior U.S. senator from Texas trying to knock out the state's longest serving governor.

But Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and Gov. Rick Perry aren't the only Republicans in the race. Fiery GOP activist and gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina, who has strong libertarian views and does not rule out seceding from the union, could affect the contest, even if she loses, as experts anticipate.

In doing some further research, that's created some controversy:

That said, she's also being questioned for accepting the support of Larry Kilgore and if you read the comments in the Dallas news article, some believe that makes her "a contemptible, traitorous coward" as well as it being stated on that same link that:

I originally did not intend or re-commenting on this article, but I must do so to correct some very untrue statements made by the previous commentors 'Patrick' and 'MedinasAWingnut' - Debra Medina does NOT and has NEVER endorsed the succession of Texas from the Union.

Listen to any interview of hers - or even just visit her website - and you will find the truth about this.

What she DOES support is Nullification and Interposition - the right of a state's legislature to 'nullify' unconstitutional Federal law and the right of the executive branch (the Governor) to 'interpose' on the enforcement of said Federal laws, respectively.

This is NOT succession! And any so called 'conservatives' who disagree with such Jeffersonian endorsed rights - in my opinion - are hardly conservative.

I hope I've cleared this up. I also hope that people would either stop lying about a candidate's positions, or at the very least, do some research before they spout such ridiculous nonsense. Thank you!

Liberty in Texas,
Anthony J. Reed

The history of the question of nullification versus succession is one that has happened before, during the Civil War...Medina's website makes it clear what she is advocating for, so it's interesting that the media continues to link her with the term succession...

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