Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Does thinking Spring help?

When it's really cold outside, a snowy and blustery day, does it help to think about Spring? For me at times it does take my mind off the weather conditions outside, especially when I start looking at some of the different types of flowers and vegetables I could plant once winter is on it's way out. Unfortunately I have not had very much luck with Indoor Planters. In part because of the cats though I have tried several times to use a Garden Planter mini type greenhouse system to start my plants.

I've learned by trial and error that it has to be sturdy enough to be able to take a cat deciding to sit on it, one year all of my seedlings were crushed by one of the household felines deciding it looked like a promising place to sleep. I've had much more success with Outdoor Planters despite the occasional nibbling from one of the many wildlife in our neighborhood, at least none of them have decided to sleep on the plants. Not yet anyway...


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