Sunday, January 10, 2010

Judge orders GOP, Libertarians to repay state $70K

Recommended article from the Seattle Times on the lawsuit from several years ago where all three parties sued on the basis that Initiative 872 was unconstitutional. At first the three parties won and as a part of that case they were awarded legal fees.

Then, as the points out the Supreme Court ruled that Initiative 872 was constitutional. This meant the earlier settlement/payout was voided. It's being reported that the Democratic Party in Washington already paid back the money they were awarded but that the GOP and the Libertarian Party had not. While I recommend reading the full article, two parts of it:

Initially, the parties prevailed in trial and at the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, and the state was ordered to pay their lawyers' costs: $55,097 to the GOP, $37,673 to the Democrats and $16,301 to the Libertarians.

Although the judge granted the motion, he did not set a deadline. Coughenour noted in a ruling Tuesday that the Democrats had paid back their share but the GOP and Libertarians had not. At the state's request, Coughenour issued a formal judgment against those two parties, which means interest will begin to accrue on the owed amounts until they are paid off.

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