Saturday, February 28, 2009

Word associations with cats...

There are times I realize we have too many pets, because certain words make me think of one of the pets as opposed to what most people would think of. Take the word, tuxedos as an example, most of you might think of the suit, or perhaps even a penguin, but for me? I think of cats. We've had tuxedo cats in the past and still have one now, one that shouldn't be living here, but she is.

My ex-husband got the cat (Yoko) for my youngest daughter against my wishes. Said cat was supposed to reside at his home, when he moved from this area, he without even asking brought the cat to my house and left it on my front porch taped in a box. He realized that since it was my daughter's cat he could abdicate responsibility and stick me with the drama of either disposing of the cat or keeping it. Yes, you can see a good example of why he's an ex-husband (smile). The other cats who live here are older, all belong to my other children who as they have moved out have not been able to find or afford places that allow pets. That explains the two dogs too, but the other cats hate Yoko and she being younger, terrorizes them to the point one is afraid to use the litter box because of her bullying behavior. So every time I find a pile of poo where it should not be, I think fondly of the man who created quite a bit of poo for me...and I think of cats when I hear the word "tuxedo."

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