Saturday, February 07, 2009

Spotlight on a Libertarian Mayoral candidate

I came across the title linked article and I thought it was an interesting one to share for a variety of reasons, including that local government is probably where the Libertarian Party has it's best chance at making inroads. It also demonstrates that even when you don't win? Many are committed to continue trying to run for office. A small part of the recommended piece:
At its most basic, libertarian philosophy says government shouldn't do much more than provide police to keep people from hurting each other.

Libertarian mayoral candidate Robb Cunningham says that may be going a bit too far. But he does advocate privatizing MetroLink. And of course he favors curbing what he calls eminent domain abuse.

As a Libertarian candidate for an executive position, rather than a legislative position, Cunningham said he would be relatively more liberal.

He favors promoting wind and solar power and creating green jobs for the city's unemployed. He also would push harder to remove lead from buildings.

While he might oppose the idea of the federal government's economic stimulus plan, he would seek to bring as much money as possible from the plan to St. Louis once it's approved.

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Tim Higgins said...

Lisa Renee,

It somehow seems "unlibertarian" to say that I object to someone building a new government feeding trough, but will push my nose in once it's built.