Thursday, February 26, 2009

California Libertarians Say Today's Budget Deal is a 'Travesty'

Recommended article on MSNBC about some of the reaction to the latest California Budget. California is in such bad financial straights that they are not giving people their state income tax refunds, it's been put on hold with it being stated they might have to issue IOU's.

Part of the statement released today:
Libertarian Party of California Chair Kevin Takenaga issued the follow statement today regarding the budget deal agreed to this morning by the California legislature:

"The budget package passed by the California legislature this morning is an absolute travesty. It shows just how little concern the Democrats and Republicans in Sacramento have for ordinary, hard-working individuals and businesses in California.

"And make no mistake, even those Republicans who voted against it today share the blame. The state's fiscal mess didn't just happen overnight. It took years of arrogance, neglect, ignorance and willful disregard for taxpayers by both major parties to reach this point. The state's $40 billion deficit was utterly predictable. Both parties were copartners in crime in approving ever larger spending plans that far outstripped the state's rising revenues. Despite a slowing economy, the state still separated taxpayers from a record amount of their money last year.

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