Friday, May 11, 2007

Will you Get it?

The answer to the question of "Who Gets it?" could very well be you! It's a fun new way to win prizes valued from $10 to $600, and it's called It's free to join and after the first round in which people are randomly selected who wins the prize is based on writing an up to 100 word statement on why they think they should win. Members vote and...*voila* the winner is selected. I can verify they do not spam, as I have joined the site, and perhaps one day soon I'll be one of those selected to see if I'm the one

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Anthony said...

What a coincidence, I wrote this ad too. :o)

I looked over your blog; I like it. I'm pleased to include you in the first edition of Surfer's PARADISE

I found the post about the government limiting soliders blogging activity to be very interesting. And, sadly, not surprising.