Wednesday, May 16, 2007

uTango an interesting concept...

It does appear that uTango is correct that it's utango rewards program is something that has never been offered before. It is designed to be a loyalty marketing concept that offers potential rewards over a long term. It's stated it will give young couples a chance to earn up to $1 Million in Life-Stage cash rewards for shopping with uTANGO merchant partners and staying married. At this point it is only open to those who are single, engaged or have been married for less than three years.

I spent some time reading their detailed FAQ sheet and I can see where if you shopped with the companies that currently are involved with uTango where it could not only create customer loyalty to those websites but pay off very well later in life if the program stays in existance. The downside to the program is of course if you don't stay married or if you miss the target points required without being related to some sort of a financial hardship and a deactivation of your account happens. At this point since we have been married for over 7 years we don't qualify to even give it a try, though it does state they are looking at expanding the program to those married over three years at a later date. It also has a referral element where it is stated you can refer up to 500 people during the lifetime of your account which could generate $500,000 to a 30 year Life-Stage Reward Plan payout.

Is it worth taking a look at? Yes, I'd recommend checking out the website for complete details and see if this is something that would interest you.

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