Monday, April 30, 2007

Paintball is a great stress reliever...

I grew up learning how to handle weapons at a fairly young age, yet as I grew older for me, the sport aspect of shooting someone with paintball markers has been more enjoyable than target practice. For me it's a great stress reliever, and I've owned several different types of paintball guns through the years. My first one was more of a rifle type, my current favorite is the Tippmann X-7 X7 Paintball Scenario Marker Gun:

Technology has made the sport of paintball better than my early days of not having adequate paintball gear, including vests and paintball helmets more enjoyable. Why do I say that? Now even when I get hit with the type of gear available compared to what I had then, there's no mark. So the only marks are to my ego if I lose which thankfully doesn't happen often.

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