Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Power of the mind...

As most of you know I have five children, the youngest, is twelve. I have a great many different books for varying reasons. I have a small Wiccan spell book that I kept mainly due to dealing with some past teenage Witchcraft type belief issues. Aubrey found the book several weeks ago and I told her it wasn't something that was appropriate for her to read. I thought that ended it as it typically does with her. Lately I have been allowing her to stay here when I have had to do short errands rather than force her to come with me. Today I received a phone call from her on my cell phone after having been gone for perhaps ten minutes.

"Mom, you know that spell book that you told me not to touch?" "Yes." "Well I saw this spell for healing the earth and I did it and the grass outside looks greener." I then told her that she had been told to leave the book alone and that we would discuss it when I got home.

After I got home we had a very involved discussion about why people think spells work and why she should not mess with them. It also ended up being about belief. How the power of the mind is such a powerful thing. That people if they believe can think a mere sugar pill has cured their cancer and at times? The cancer diminishes. That we use such a small portion of our brain that it might be possible we could do more. That pastors of some religions claim they can heal the sick and at times the sick are healed. I also drove home to her the rule of three that is a basic rule of Wiccan beliefs, not because I am afraid my youngest will become a "witch" but because I do believe in positive and negative energy. To me the whole purpose behind group prayer is the gathering of people with the same goal of a positive energy result. I believe a constant focus on negative energy infuses the person with negative thoughts.

I was honest with her and told her a story from my past where a friend and I dabbling in the same type of spells she was cast a spell. We were both 14 and her mother was involved with a man that was abusive, yet she would not leave him. We cast a spell on him to make him leave her alone. Two days later he fell down a flight of stairs, after drinking and became paralyzed from the neck down until he died several years later. Yes, reality is it was just a mere coincidence that our dabbling in witchcraft had nothing to do with it. At the time we felt horrible because we felt responsible.

I've been the same way with Ouija boards, they have been quite the rage with the teenage set but for mine they are forbidden. Not necessarily because I believe that they will work, but because I know the power of the human mind to believe....

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