Friday, April 27, 2007

Close to free items is great promotional idea...

One of the great things about a free market society is the creative way businesses get us to visit them and to use their services. Like creating a way to bid on items with the lowest unique bidder walking away with some rather large prizes like cars or a plasma television for pennies. Yes, it's possible to win some of those prizes for pennies...That's the creative concept behind bid4prizes.

I'd love to be able to create a bid for 5 cents and be able to be the lowest bidder in winning a plasma television, and while they do have a paid membership that enables you to unlimited bids, they do have a free membership that allows you to bid on items. I read their how to play section and it seems like a very creative way to not only have some fun but to possibly win some great prizes. The majority of people bid by using their cell phone but even if you don't have a cell phone there is a way for you to bid and win.

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