Friday, April 27, 2007

Furniture shopping online...what to look for

I do the majority of my shopping online when ever possible which includes shopping for furniture, from dining room furniture to looking for the perfect bed. Shopping online gives me a quick and easy way to compare prices and to find exactly what I want.

Some tips, make sure the place where you shop for furniture offers free shipping, that's one of the things I like about is they offer free shipping. If a site does not offer free shipping make sure you take that into consideration when evaluating the overall price. You may think that it's possible to get a better deal shopping at a local store but I've found that when you consider the free shipping and the fact that you are not paying a delivery fee from a store that you can end up saving money by shopping for furniture online. Home and Bedroom also offers some great decorating tips I found this article on Choosing a Style for Your Home Furnishings not only one I enjoyed but that I have shared with others...


Anonymous said...

Another great site for furniture price comparison is cubalaya:
I've used it to buy a bed and got a great price for my king size sleeper:)


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