Monday, April 30, 2007

Libertarianism and the Second Amendment...

One of the "hot button" issues for the Libertarian Party is related to the right to keep and bear arms, the Second Amendment of the Constitution. One of the misconceptions about many Libertarians is the belief that to be one you have to have a huge closet full of guns and ammo waiting for a chance to take over the government. Ironically many liberals become libertarians or at least state as I am that they are a left leaning libertarian. One of the better articles out there that I feel explains this was written by Camille Paglia for Salon . I recommend reading the whole article but part of her response to a question about the Second Amendment:
The horrendous problem of illegal guns now rampant among the urban underclass cannot be solved by depriving all American citizens of their Second Amendment rights. Major cities must address their internal problems, which include improving public education and vocational training, creating job-rich public works projects, and instituting on-the-street neighborhood policing. The major media, concentrated in their metropolises, should stop extrapolating their local issues to the nation as a whole.

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