Friday, July 09, 2010

Ron Paul Hints The Re”love”ution May Live Again In 2012

The catchy title alone is worth giving some kudos to Mediaite though at age 76, despite the fact Ron Paul may find it fun to run for president...I think that train has left the station.
“It is probably hard to believe, but I look at it a little bit differently than others,” Paul said in an interview during his recent visit to Iowa. “I don’t expect to be president. I don’t expect to be. That doesn’t mean I won’t run for president, but I am really energized when I think we make inroads … to broaden the outreach on the philosophy I have been talking about for 40 years.” [...]

“I am very serious about thinking about it all the time,” Paul said about his possible presidential aspirations. “My answer is always the same thing: You know I haven’t ruled it out, but I have no plans to do it.”

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