Saturday, July 24, 2010

Beyond Libertarianism

Peter Orvetti has a blog post over at the Moderate Voice, Beyond Libertarianism that struck a few chords with me. We share a similar history as far as not knowing where we "fit in" as far as the political spectrum. I also find his suggestion that a strong political ideological alliance can be based on personality to be one that may merit consideration.

Part of this recommended read:

The more time I spent in the libertarian movement, the more uncomfortable I became about defending positions I did not honestly hold. The first year of the Obama presidency was a breaking point, as the collapse of the financial sector, the rancor over healthcare, and the hateful tactics of the president’s adversaries made me realize I could no longer keep that company.

In point of fact, I have always been less a libertarian than what might be termed a liberal-tarian. I am wary of deficits and excessive spending, and fear the role of ever-larger government agencies that seek to regulate personal behavior. I fear the so-called “Nanny State” that seeks to ban things simply because those things may not be “good for you” — rather than letting personal liberty guide these decisions. But I also see a role for government, even big government, when it comes to the basic well-being of the citizens of a wealthy industrial nation.

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