Friday, July 02, 2010

Calories in - Calories out not quite that simple...

An over seas study written about in the journal Obesity, by Y. Li and colleagues claims a low-dose multivitamin caused obese volunteers to lose 7 lb of fat mass in 6 months, mostly from their abdominal regions when compared to a placebo. The results also claim that the volunteers saw their LDL reduced by 27% and HDL increased by 40%. They also reported increased resting energy expenditure.

The results have created some controversy as to could nutrients play a larger role in weight loss. Skeptics point to the small volunteer base and the differences in diet from China to the U.S. as being factors that need to be weighed. While this is debated, it is interesting to take a look at some of the information out there on the diet industry at websites like, The controversy has also increased the discussion of the "calorie in - calorie out" belief system that many believe is too simplistic for those who are considered clinically obese.

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