Sunday, November 29, 2009

You have no right to free speech on a blog

Recently I was forced to ban someone from my local political blog that at one time was a friend of mine. He continually violated the rules for civil discussion I had for everyone on the blog as well as calling me several times a day to take issue with me when he had been edited. In one of his last emails to me he stated I was the poster child for needing freedom of speech and called me a neo-con.

It would have been amusing had it not been for the fact that I ended up losing a friend over my feeling as if he should have to follow the same rules as everyone else. Then there are a few others, including one blogger in particular who likes to complain about how things are on my blog, yet is not very different from those he complains about.

There is no right to freedom of speech on a blog, especially one owned and managed by a person, it is up to that person to allow you to comment, and to allow your comment to stay. It's also up to them to determine if they want rules on their site or if it's going to be this wild, wild west free for all.

Some bloggers make every comment have to be moderated, they can decide to publish or not to publish your comments.

So, there is no right to free speech on a blog...

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