Saturday, November 28, 2009

Walleye for us -- other options for you

In about an hour we'll be leaving to head downtown to watch our first Walleye game at the new arena. It will be the first time I've been inside the new Lucas County arena since it's been completed. Thanks to the internet, buying tickets to sporting and other events, even if you think they might be sold out, is possible without having to wait until you get there to try to buy a ticket from someone outside...

Have your heart set on Blue Cross Arena Tickets? Online you can find them, the same with a variety of other events. Chicago Bears Tickets on your mind? You can not only reserve a hotel room but buy your tickets right from your home pc.

While my favorite NFL football team is the Miami Dolphins and someday I will be able to watch them at Landshark stadium, those of you looking for any team event, even Philadelphia Eagles Tickets can find them online...Probably even the Superbowl, though that one is always a bit more of a challenge, and could be much more expensive.


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