Friday, November 06, 2009

Libertarianism and abortion

Most of the Libertarians I know are pro-choice, yet I realize Ron Paul is pro-life. I came across this recent article that briefly goes into why it's felt that the Libertarian platform should be one of pro-life as opposed to pro-choice. It's rather thought provoking, part of it:

Abortion is incompatible with the Libertarian ideology. While many would claim that Libertarians by nature would be pro-choice, as abortion to many is seen as a "right", the truth is that abortion is and should be reprehensible to all true disciples of Liberty. How are we to protect the rights of the people if we cannot even guarantee that they will have a right to life? Don't the words "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" mean anything anymore? None of our rights and privileges as citizens of the United States are safe if we do not protect the most basic human right - the right to life. Dr. Ron Paul, who has delivered thousands of babies, agrees with this premise, and he sees being pro-life as an essential part of his Libertarian beliefs.

This view is not shared in this article, Truth about political groups where it states:

YAL is neither Republican nor affiliated with any political party as she implies. In fact, I personally find it offensive to be called a Republican. We are an organization for small-government conservatives and libertarians. Libertarians hold very different views from Republicans. Although I cannot speak for every libertarian, libertarians are pro-choice, pro-gay rights, pro-civil rights, pro-human rights, pro-immigration and anti-war. They also support drug legalization, believe in separation of church and state, favor free-market solutions and advocate non-interventionist foreign policy (yes, many are against the Iraq War). Does that sound anything like a Republican?…Precisely. This list is obviously not exhaustive, but it is descriptive enough to show that libertarians are the alternative to Republicans and Democrats that many students seek. Many people have either become fed up with both major political parties or just don’t fall into either the Democrat or the Republican camp. Libertarianism offers a third option, one which many “outsiders” fall into.

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