Thursday, November 26, 2009

Buying local and using the net

From an economic standpoint, when you buy local it helps your local economy, especially when you are buying from a locally owned business. Some areas, like Toledo have organizations designed to support and market local businesses, but some do not. That's when using a site like can help. How? It's easy, all you have to do is use their local search feature to search for a variety of businesses in your area.

Let's say I wanted to search local restaurants, it's easy since there is a link right there on the website for that category. You can then easily find which eateries are local and which ones are chains and decide from there.

It's easier to find businesses using this website than it is to use the traditional local yellowpages because it not only gives you the categories on the page but it also gives you nearby cities, that information is listed right on the sidebar. You can search by distance, by name and by rating, which also means if you have had an especially enjoyable or a less than satisfactory dining experience? You can rate it...

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