Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Whole Foods story still getting press....

The editorials and articles are still being written on the one part of the suggestion made by Whole Foods co-owner, John Mackey made, this time in the Baltimore Sun. Since Mackey identified himself as leaning libertarian it shows up in my news feed for libertarian news. There are almost 100 new articles out on this. Some in support of the boycott, some more sensible.

But it makes no sense to me to boycott a chain that does right by its employees in favor of other markets where you have not studied how they treat their employees. While farmers markets can supply seasonal fruits and vegetables, staples and "Marco Polo exceptions" generally have to come from a supermarket of some kind.

Throughout my life in the farming country of Oregon, I have found most farmers to be of libertarian, small-government politics. Those boycotting Whole Foods in favor of a small grower is likely to be supporting someone of the same opinions as John Mackey.

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