Sunday, August 02, 2009

We're still voting for evil.

The title is from this Examiner article written by Rachel Hawkridge. It's thought provoking, especially this part:

He thinks that by voting for Ds or Rs who are more freedom-loving than their opponents, he helps to advance the cause of Liberty.

I don't see it that way - as long as we continue to vote for the lesser of two evils, we're still voting for evil. People continue to vote for a label that they're not happy with (disgruntled Rs), because the Ds are so much worse. Ds and Rs are just a hair's breadth apart these days - neither of them is so much worse.

And until people stop worrying that "My label might lose if I don't vote for it", we continue the move toward an overtly one party system.

That's what allows the insanity to continue.

If you don't absolutely endorse a candidate, don't vote for him. Don't give money to a candidate or a party that you are unhappy with.

Give your support, your vote, your money to the best candidate. Support the candidate who will uphold the Constitution. Who will examine each piece of legislation in the light of its constitutionality.

Do not give your support, your vote, your money to the candidate just because he believes the way you do. Continuing to elect government because they govern using our shared values is dangerous.

Often times, we have the lessor of two evils argument when it comes to voting and we do not want to not vote. It can create quite a dilemma for those who want better government.

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