Saturday, July 18, 2009

Examiner Libertarian 101

I came across this article posted recently in the Cleveland Examiner, from the Denver Examiner Libertarian 101: What is the libertarian position on taxes? that I found was an interesting read. Barry Ritchey II also links to Harry Browne's 2000 piece Great Libertarian Offer part of which is something that makes me lean libertarian when it comes to the federal government, there is not really that huge of a difference between a Democratic Congress and a Republican Congress.

If you grow tired of the excuses, they try to scare you by saying their opponents would be even worse. In truth, the differences between the two old parties are so negligible that we'd probably never notice if they swapped names.

Apart from the scandals, how different was the Reagan or Bush administration from the Clinton administration? During the Republican presidential administrations of 1981-1992, the federal government grew by 6.3% per year, while it grew by 3.3% yearly during the Clinton administration of 1993-2000.

How different was the Democratic Congress from the Republican Congress? During the first five years of the Republican Congress, government has grown by 3.2% yearly; during the final five years of the Democratic Congress, government grew by 3.9% yearly.

How different are the Republican Supreme Court nominees from the Democratic ones? The current Supreme Court judges were nominated by Presidents of both parties — and regardless of party, most of the judges were approved overwhelmingly by Senators from both parties. On the really important matters concerning the role of government, they all agree that the federal government is more important than the Constitution.

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Anonymous said...

Nice thoughts.

Taxes are killing me and my business and my dad complained about them with his business. I'd assume my grandpa did in his time too.

Why do we still let them take our money?