Sunday, July 19, 2009

No More Libertarians?

Mike Treder writes a piece pointing out his concerns with the Libertarian political movement on Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies. He makes some interesting points, a few of which:
Many people, including some of us who identify as left-wing progressives, can see the appeal of a political approach that combines fiscal conservatism with liberalism on social issues. It would be quite nice if we lived in a world where individuals would have full freedom in their private lives and be protected in their civil rights, and where governments could closely restrain spending, keeping taxes low.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in that place. Passionate, concerted effort is still required to help others gain and maintain basic human rights, both here in the West and especially in the developing world. Monumental challenges like global warming, widespread malnutrition, and the threat of pandemic disease can best be addressed through the blend of a mixed economy alongside representative governance.

Conditions simply don’t exist today in which classic libertarianism either makes good sense or can attain broad popularity. Perhaps they never will.

It's one of the reasons I've struggled with believing in the smaller government aspect on a federal basis and supporting liberalism on social issues as well as firmly believing that our federal government was not supposed to have the power it does over states. It's why though I am on paper a Democrat, I consider myself a "liberal libertarian" from a philosophical standpoint where neither the current Libertarian Party or the Republican Party is one I am fully comfortable with. On local and state issues, I support more Democrats because of they share a similar ideology...

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