Sunday, November 09, 2008

What if Bob Barr had won?

I came across this article that was written on November 4th that takes a look at what would have happened had Bob Barr won on election night. Of course we know with the way the media and the political process is set up to keep us attached to the two party system what a long shot this would be, but rather than take a serious look at what Barr could have accomplished? We have pieces like this one that are mocking:
JULY 4, 2009

Standing outside of Faneuil Hall in Boston, Barr delivers an Independence Day speech denouncing "tyranny in all its forms," citing especially Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and cookbooks. "Who is Irma Rombauer to tell you how to braise that coq au vin?" he tells a confused crowd. Gourmet magazine achieves political awareness.

DEC. 17, 2009

Prostitution is officially decriminalized. Eliot Spitzer high-fives an imaginary friend and returns to begging for change.

Is it any wonder few take the National Post serious?

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Tim Higgins said...

Lisa Renee,

Yes by heaven, we should make fun of such alternate realities. Why would we want a fair tax program, a balanced budget, less government regulation, limited foreign involvement, and a currency that was worth something?

OK, sarcasm off. Living in Fairy Tales never got anyone anywhere. I'll go back to quietly sobbing over the coming four years.