Friday, November 28, 2008

Libertarians want there to be no Government?

The headline of this opinion piece caught my attention, How America's Greatest Libertarian Experiment failed; but as I sat down to read it, I have to say I did not agree with a great deal of what was stated. What I thought might be an interesting post turned out to be one that was not only not correct but was an anti-libertarian piece:

As an example:
One way to view them is this: Libertarians are to Government as Atheists are to Religion. Atheists want there to be no God. Libertarians want there to be no Government.

Atheists don't believe there is a God, therefore it's not a matter of them "wanting" there to be no God, that would imply they believed he existed. Nor do Libertarians want there to be no Government. They want a more limited government, one that is more true to the functions of the Constitution and one where personal freedom is not overly impacted by Government.

This article though is a good example of the misconceptions out there that exist about what Libertarianism is.


Tim Higgins said...


This is another typical example of someone who doesn't understand Libertarianism attempting to marginalize it. With no facts to stand behind, the writer misrepresents and denigrates bothe the topic and selected writers, and then smugly sits back to congratulate himself.

Fortunately, the only people he convinces are ones who needed no convincing to begin with.

Anonymous said...

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