Thursday, August 16, 2007

Top ten reasons Ron Paul will win the Republican Primary...

I'm not sure how true these will end up being but it was an interesting item from the Libertarian Forum to share:

#10-“Ron Paul” is the second most searched term on Technorati, which measures blog search traffic. (38% of Americans as of 04 rely on the internet for information about politics, political issues and elections. 15% of all Americans use the internet as a primary source for political news)

#9- Ron Paul’s website attracts the most visitors out of all the Republican candidates.

#8 He has won almost every Republican debate according to the polls, and came in second for the ones he hasn’t ranked 1st in.

#7- Ron Paul is leading the Republicans on popularity on Social Networking sites and Meet up groups. With over 55,000 friends on Myspace, and over 25,000 subscribers onYoutube, Ron Paul is clearly the most popular candidate amongst internet users.

#6- He has currently has more cash-on-hand than John McCain. Ron Paul has the funds to compete with the “tier 1 candidates”

#5- He has 75% Support of the Libertarian party (The third largest political party in the nation)

#4- He has a dedicated base of supporters. With a mere 25% voter turnout in the last election’s primaries, Ron Paul’s dedicated supporters can make a big difference. It’s fair to assume that 75% of Ron Paul supporters will vote in the primaries. Unlike traditional voters, Ron Paul’s supporters seem to be a bit over zealous to say the least. Libertarians also tend to have a higher voter turnout then traditional political parties, and with recent surveys showing that 75% of Libertarians support Ron Paul over their own Libertarian presidential candidate, its safe to say that Ron Paul has been heavily underestimated.

#3 -Ron Paul won an early New Hampshire straw poll put together by the Coalition for New Hampshire Taxpayers. Ron Paul placed in 1st with a remarkable 65% of the votes. Giuliani came in second with a mere 8%

#2 -He has support from the U.S. Military. Military contributions among Republican presidential candidates place Ron Paul on top at 49.5%, which is nearly as much as all the other Republicans combined.

#1- America will vote for freedom, Ron Paul.


Brian said...


I did not know you had this blog. I came across it on Technorati. I am a SOBer and blog from southeastern ohio. I'll put you on my read list.

Also I am the only SOBer for Ron Paul. As a traditional conservative I am amazed at the lack of support from conservatives in Ohio.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

I am a huge Ron Paul supporter, but the problem with saying that he won a straw poll in New Hampshire is that the straw poll didnt even have a third of the people that the exit poll at the Iowa straw poll did. Although that is a huge number, you have to keep in mind that that group has the word "Tax payers" in its title. Of course they are going to choose the person who vows to cut spending the most. Without polling against a larger group of people that may or may not be associated with that group, those numbers mean very little.

A Christian Prophet said...

The Ron Paul "revolution" is SO healthy for America. It's been well over 100 years since an American Presidential candidate emphasized individual liberty, and look where 100 years of collectivist nonsense got us.

Here is a very good article regarding Ron Paul: