Saturday, June 26, 2010

Name that arena

Locally we just went through a scenario where our newly built sports arena was opened for business before the whole naming rights issue had been resolved. Now it's no longer Lucas County Arena but Huntington Center. Which really doesn't sound very arenaish as a name but? That's the only group willing to pay at least a small percentage of what they were originally seeking. In browsing some of the tickets for baseball and other events sold by a few of the names caught my attention.

Rose Garden Arena sounds like a nice place, you envision lots of roses with a garden type feel. Which may be funny if there were events like the circus or other events with not such a flowery aroma...

American Airlines Center - TX sounds more like a place to pick up your baggage than to watch baseball. Yet it is where acts like Lady Gaga are playing in 2011.

Thankfully Air Canada Centre is in Canada or that would be confusing. A bit closer to my home is the Palace Of Auburn Hills one of the places that our new arena is now competing with. Though, the Palace has some acts that are not coming here.

I do however wonder as a Diet Pepsi fan if the Pepsi Center would be the one entertainment venue that I could count on for sure as having only Pepsi products for sale....

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