Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Spice up your kitchen...

One of the downsides to our house we are living in right now is how small the kitchen is, it's one of my dream moments about the house we are going through renovation hell with, that once that is survived, the kitchen there is 20 times larger than this one. What I have found though with a small kitchen, there are items you can buy to make things easier. Most of these items can be found online at stores like JK Adams, one example of something that can save you space is a JK Adams pot rack, the mini bar ones can also be used for small kitchen areas.

Having a spice rack is another way to save space, especially if you pick one of the JK Adams spice racks that can mount on your wall, that frees up much needed counter space. I prefer one of the chunk style cutting boards, I just leave it out as a part of my counter space but there are a large variety of JK Adams cutting boards that could also fit into a cupboard.

Even when it comes to JK Adams wine racks there are some space saving designs, and they also have some nice stemware racks, the hanging ones are a great way to free up cupboard space and if you opt for colored wine glasses? Can add a splash of color to your kitchen. This time of year I recommend red, green and gold stemware, and I have friends who take this a step farther by adding some fake holly leaves around the edges of the stemware rack. The nice thing about any of these items is when we finally do move? I can take them with me and they'll work just fine in a larger kitchen as well.

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