Saturday, December 26, 2009

Liberty does not really make health care universal

As I read, How Liberty Makes Health Care Virtually Universal, it bothered me that one of the conservative talking points that malpractice insurance is a factor in the current health care costs increasing was listed as well as regulations on prescription drugs.

The prescription drug industry is the reason why regulation happened, and our government tries to prevent us from getting the exact same drug, from other places like Canada and Mexico. In part pushed by the big pharm lobbyists, which have too much power in DC. We as a nation pay more for drug research because we've allowed that particular industry to have too much control. The health care insurance companies have demonstrated they can not provide services without regulations, and we as consumers have been forgotten in the political battles of the lobbyists versus lobbyists.

True liberty would be being able to opt in or opt out for affordable insurance, having smaller companies being able to contract with larger ones to reduce the base cost of their health insurance plans. True liberty would be if I could get a drug I took every day, made by the same exact company in Canada? My insurance company would pay for it.

The litigation happy society that we live in, is not a huge factor in the increase of health care or the supposed lack of physicians. Medical school enrollment is actually increasing which would indicate claims being made by some that the regulation has somehow contributed to a lack of physicians is not accurate. More students specialize rather than go into family practice but it is the lure of money not fear of regulations that drives that...

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