Saturday, December 19, 2009

Boston Globe pretends Kennedy is not in Senate race

With the exception of one brief mention, you'd think that Libertarian candidate, Joseph L. Kennedy was not even in the Massachusetts Senate race after reading, this article. Where the platforms of the Democrat and the Republican are compared, there is no mention of Kennedy.

Only this:

A possible complication for Brown is the fact that Joseph L. Kennedy of Dedham - a Libertarian running as an independent, who is not related to the late senator - has submitted sufficient signatures to be on the Jan. 19 ballot. Libertarians tend to appeal to a segment of the Republican electorate.

And this:

Brown and Kennedy have also confirmed for a Jan. 8 debate on WGBY-TV in Springfield and a Jan. 13 debate that is being sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Massachusetts and held at Boston’s Faneuil Hall. Coakley has not yet agreed to those.

Which really calls into question Coakley's previous comments about how Kennedy should be included in debates if she for some reason does not decide to participate...It's the same tactic used over and over again by the media, they rarely include the third party candidates in any coverage, which makes it more difficult for a third party or independent to be treated fairly by the media...

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