Sunday, June 28, 2009

Where's the real stimulus bill?

I think it's a bit early, since the impact of the stimulus bill wouldn't be immediate anyway, but some of you will find this article in the Libertarian Examiner to be an interesting one. Part of the recommended article:
Where is the bill that will allow libertarians to liberate?

Government can’t create jobs, it can only create busy-work. Government can’t even create money. Not real money. It can print big president heads on paper and stamp birds and buffaloes on metal but if there is nothing to buy because farmers haven’t farmed and manufacturers haven’t manufactured and businesses haven’t busied, the stuff that government calls money is just paper and metal.

You can’t build a house of paper or make a meal of metal.

In fact, without loggers and truckers and paper mills and ink makers and miners and smelters and engravers and an entire society of industrious people to feed and clothe and house those workers and transportation systems to move those raw materials government can’t even make their fake money.

But politicians don’t want you to know that. They don’t want you to understand that they are 100% overhead. They produce nothing. Their total existence depends on coercively taking what productive people produce.

Politicians and bureaucrats want you to think that they are the producers. They want you to believe that they are the god of the machine magically appearing to solve all problems.

Politics is nothing more nor less than the process of manipulating people. And the people-manipulators can no more restrain themselves from manipulating people than a hungry hyena can force itself to stop eating carrion.

I can't disagree that there is some truth to it, despite not agreeing it's not yet time to declare the stimulus package dead.

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Tim Higgins said...

Lisa Renee,

If we can't declare the Stimulus Package dead, can we at least agree that it has been sleepy at best, and in a coma at worst.

The article is wrong however is saying that the government can't create jobs. After all, we have over 20 new czars.