Sunday, August 31, 2008

PA Gop suing to have Barr removed by ballot...

News story about the lawsuit here:

In a petition filed in Commonwealth Court, Victor Stabile alleged that the Libertarians misled people who signed their ballot petitions because they listed Rochelle Etzel of Clarion County as the presidential candidate even after the national party picked Barr at its convention in May.

Barr is a former GOP congressman from Georgia who some Republicans fear could hurt presumptive GOP nominee John McCain in a close election this year. The Libertarian Party formally substituted Barr's name on the Pennsylvania ballot just last week.

Stabile, the Cumberland County GOP chairman and a Harrisburg lawyer, acknowledged that state election laws allow such substitutions as long as they are made within the allotted time, but said he thinks this case "crosses the line."

"I don't like to see anything taint that process," he said.

Mik Robertson, the state Libertarian Party chairman, said the party had to list a stand-in candidate for president when it started gathering signatures in February because there wasn't a nominee at the time.

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