Friday, September 05, 2008

Politics get you heated?

We are now approaching the last 60 days till the election, or as those of us who have followed politics for quite some time call it, the "crazy season" where it's hard to not get heated, get passionate and at times make you feel as if you are so stressed that you will break out in a rash to the point where people will suggest acne treatments or friends no longer are friends because you really can't believe they would be so stupid to vote for the person you can't stand.

Being libertarian or leaning libertarian creates a whole different set of problems, you will be told you are "throwing your vote away" or be accused of helping another candidate win by not voting for one of the main party candidates. To me, as long as you vote, you are not throwing your vote away. If you can't vote your conscience in a presidential election, that to me is more of a problem than voting for someone that maybe will not win.

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