Friday, September 14, 2007

“Ron Paul Is Seriously Flawed As A Candidate”

Not my words nor even the words of the Donklephant which is promoted as a Centrist blog for the other 75% but according to this blog post was taken from a Ron Paul supporter's blog. Though of course one wonders if someone writing that statement can truly consider themselves a real Ron Paul supporter but I suppose that's an entirely different question. To the meat of the post:

It’s time for us, as Paul supporters, to stop pretending his ideological flaws do not exist. We are ignoring his extreme and illogical views because we’re so smitten by his good ones. This is a problem. Our ability and/or willingness to logically evaluate him as a complete candidate is being overridden by our surprise and appreciation for his views on foreign policy and personal freedom.

In short, we’re so in love with him that we’re focusing only on his positives while ignoring the negatives.

This list is pointed out with the question asked of those who are the liberal supporters of Ron Paul if they really accept these core beliefs of his:

1. He Doesn’t Believe in the Separation of Church and State
2. He’s Not For Federally Supported Public Education
3. Yeah, That Means No College Loans
4. He’s Not For National Health Care
5. He’s Against Abortion and Would Like to See Roe vs. Wade Overturned
6. He Doesn’t Believe The Evidence for Man-Made Global Warming Is Convincing

From a libertarian standpoint I have a hard time with 5. While I as a catholic have my own position on abortion, to me one of the major reasons why I lean libertarian on many issues is the freedom aspect. I can totally understand not allowing the federal government to pay for abortions but that should be an individual freedom of the mother to decide. I'm also not really clear on 1, as again, freedom to worship should not be a basic function or involvement with religion.


Hooda Thunkit said...

If #3 were to come to pass, I wonder what would happen to college tuition costs.

I suspect they would become more more realistic and fast too.

-Sepp said...

Name anything the man had voted for or, sponsored about integrating chuch and state...can you? Just because a person is religous doesent mean that he's going to take his orders from the church.

2.The feds are the ones who have screwed up our education system and you want it to continue? College is also expensive since the loans are too easy to come by from the govt. HT is right, watch those tuition costs drop like a stone when the university's easy money goes away.

4.As a libertarian, you shouldn't be either. Try the socialist party. The reason healthcare costs so much now? Lawyers and insurance companies.

5.Overturn RvW and allow the states to determine the legallity is what he's been saying. I also agree that the government shouldnt be paying for abortions.

6.The proof isn't there to support the aguement. The earth's cooling and warming trends over the millenia proves more than what some hack in a lab who's trying to keep his grants renewed rather than find another job. When I was a kid 30 years ago, they were screamming about the comming second ice age!
Better yet, pull up a picture of the grand canyon. All those layered pretty colors are warming and cooling trends that had happened over billions of years. Climate change is a part of the earth's history that started long before man showed up.

Anyways, regardless of what you may decide to call "faults", I still see the only candidate who has the nerve to even mention the constitution since it's obvious he's the only one planning on following it.
On the neocon side, I see Romney and,
Guiliani fighting over who would make gitmo bigger and how much torture to use while the other side of the coin has Hillary, Obama and, Edwards are trying to outdo each other on who can make the larger welfare state and erase our rights the fastest.

About time we broke free of "more of the same" failures of leadership and elected someone who is'nt manufacturing (read lying about) "popular" positions in order to get elected and elect a guy with a solid record!