Saturday, January 15, 2011

Green & Libertarian in PA

Interesting Ballot Access article on the increases of Green and Libertarian candidates:

The Green Party nominee for State House, 194th district, Hugh Giordano, received 18.50% of the vote in a race that also included a Democrat and a Republican. Giordano almost outpolled the Republican, Timothy Downey, who got 19.77%. The district is partly in Montgomery County and partly in Philadelphia County. Giordano is a 26-year-old organizer for the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW). He won the endorsement of one of the Democrats who had sought the Democratic nomination for this seat. Giordano’s share of the vote is the highest for any Green Party nominee (who was not simultaneously the nominee of the Democratic Party) for Pennsylvania legislative races. The previous Green Party best percentage for a Pennsylvania legislative race had been 17.43% in 2006, but that was a race with only one major party nominee.

The Libertarian Party nominee for State House, 120th district, Tim Mullen, received 14.91% of the vote in a race that also included a Democrat and a Republican. The district is in Luzerne County, which contains Wilkes-Barre. Mullen is a health care professional and a veteran of both Iraq wars. He knocked on the doors of a majority of the voters in the district. He was endorsed by the Luzerne County Controller, as well as the Republican nominee for the 120th district from the 2006 election. He is the only Libertarian for Pennsylvania legislature (running against opponents from both major parties) who has ever exceeded 8.81% of the vote.

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