Monday, January 03, 2011

Father and son reunion

It's more of a fluff story than one related to Libertarian politics, but the Houston Chronicle recently reported that Ron Paul and his son Rand will be sharing a condo in Washington, D.C. The story also states that while the two men will be sharing a home and share some similar political philosophies, it's not expected for Rand to be too much like his father.

Political analysts say it would be a mistake, however, to say that Rand Paul is a carbon copy of his father.
"In his two presidential campaigns, Ron Paul ran to educate," said John Samples of the libertarian Cato Institute. "Rand Paul is more about holding power and making changes, pushing the agenda to libertarianism."
Occasionally, Rand Paul may push in directions his father won't go. But the junior Paul promises it'll never get personal.
"We don't really have heated disagreements," he said of his relationship with his father. "Neither of us are yellers. I do joke that I don't criticize my dad on TV or I might get kicked (out) from the adult table."

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