Thursday, October 14, 2010

Plain Dealer endorses Libertarian Matt Cantrell

The Cleveland Plain Dealer decided rather than to endorse current Ohio Treasurer Kevin Boyce, the Democrat or current District 17 Ohio House of Representative Josh Mandel, the Republican -- they endorsed Matthew P. Cantrell, the Libertarian candidate for Ohio Treasurer.

LINK to the endorsement which says in part:
Frankly, Cantrell is unlikely to prevail against opponents whose war chests are each in the seven figures.
But it would be a shame if Cantrell were to be squashed like a midge in the general election, simply for the lack of money and a big-party label.
Cantrell's professionalism and his willingness to serve should matter more than his ability to hit up the big givers.
That it doesn't is one reason Ohio and much of the rest of the country lack the kind of selfless, let's-get-the-job-done leadership needed to erase some of the cynicism from politics.
As for his opponents, it's called business as usual and Ohio can't afford it any longer. A vote for Cantrell won't be wasted if it helps make that point loud and clear.

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