Friday, October 22, 2010

Libertarian Activist Checklist for Fall 2010

Recommended reading from our neighbor up to the North, in the Michigan Libertarian newsletter, Bill Hall gives you his "Libertarian Activist Checklist for Fall 2010" - while I recommend reading the full piece a few parts of it:

3.Contribute funds to at least one active local Libertarian campaign. Local campaigns have the best prospects to garner votes and affect election outcomes. With a local race, you get more “bang for your buck”. If a local candidate is willing to spend his or her valuable time campaigning, the least I can do is provide financial support.

4. Contribute funds to at least one active statewide Libertarian campaign. Statewide campaigns have the best prospects to receive media attention. Often, they are the ones that get the Libertarian name and philosophy out there, and bring in new activists.

5. Put a Libertarian bumper sticker on my car. Ken Proctor, our candidate for Governor, is printing and distributing bumper stickers, as are other candidates. Use them!

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