Saturday, September 11, 2010

Something sounds funny with this story

In reading this Libertarian candidate for governor off the ballot something doesn't seem right. It seems hard to believe that the Florida Division of Elections Office could not find a method to contact J.J. McCurry, the vice governor candidate.

He's reportedly the chairman of the Florida Libertarian how could he just "disappear" and not be able to be found for something as important as being able to be on the ballot.


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If you check the internet, members allege the same right-wing people who've taken over the GOP took over the Libertarian Party of Florida. They say the whole Smith-McCurry-Kirkland-Dickey thing was a set-up to drain money and time from the Libertarians. One of their officers says vote GOP and attacks party old-timers, etc. The complaints have been going on for two years.