Saturday, September 04, 2010

Lisa Murkowski could run as a Libertarian

Interesting piece on Big Government about the possibility of U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski running as a Libertarian. One recent poll shows she has a chance of winning a three way election and that appears to have some talking:

For Murkowski to run on the Libertarian ticket, Haase would have to step down and the party’s executive board would have to approve Murkowski. According to the party’s chairman, they are willing to sit down and listen to Murkowski.
“We are open to a sit-down chat with Lisa, anytime,” said Scott Kohlhaas, the party’s chairman and a candidate for House District 20 in Anchorage. Kohlhaas didn’t rule out the possibility of Murkowski running on the Libertarian’s ticket, but he did offer two reservations.
First, it is Haase’s decision on whether he wants to step down, he said, and second, the party’s executive board would have to decide whether they even wanted to give Murkowski the ticket.
The poll that shows Murkowski winning a three-way race between herself, Miller, and Democrat Scott McAdams was paid for by Andrew Halcro and four other Republicans. It cost $5,400 and was conducted by Dittman Research and Communication.

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