Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Tea Party Could Bring Fascism to America

More and more libertarians are speaking out against the Tea Party movement and stating it's not libertarianism that is being promoted by a majority of Tea Party groups. This opinion piece by George Donnelly is a good example. Part of the recommended read:

The Tea Party is not a libertarian movement. It co-opted a libertarian message, but in reality it is a rightist movement. It's pro-war, intolerant, ultra-patriotic, pro-torture, into corporate apologism and ready to scapegoat paperless immigrants. As soon as the GOP recaptures the gun that is government, I expect these people will go back to sleep.

Libertarianism, on the other hand, is a consistently peaceful position. We're against war, we don't care much about those imaginary dotted lines on the map called borders and we recognize that the evils of corporatism are borne of the state. We don't oppose government only when people we dislike are in power. We seek to solve the problems liberals worry about with more peaceful means than state mandates. We're not like those Tea Party folks. And you can see this in the above video where a libertarian is violently removed from a Tea Party event!

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Eric Dondero said...

How idiotic. Hey dumbasses, the Tea Party was FOUNDED BY THE LIBERTARIAN PARTY.

Eric Odom, Exec. Comm. member of the Libertarian Party of Illinois founded the Tea Party movement in late 2007. Some Ron Paul supporters also participated early on. And some members of the Republican Liberty Caucus.

The Tea Party remains wholly LIBERTARIAN. So much so, in fact, we Libertarians have got to constantly battle the Conservatives who are trying to steal our Tea Party movement from us.

Libertarian btw, is the exact opposite on the political spectrum from Fascist.