Saturday, May 29, 2010

Whether and how to woo Tea Party followers

I really hope the decisions made during the Libertarian Party National Convention is to not woo the Tea Party bunch, the whole focus on Rand Paul should demonstrate that those who don't support a major part of what makes a person even Libertarian leaning, are not going to strengthen the goals. Or at least what the goals used to be. However, as this St. Louis today article points out, that's exactly what's going to be discussed and decided:

Whether and how to woo Tea Party followers to their party is one of the big issues at the Libertarian Party national convention this weekend in downtown St. Louis.

Should Libertarians bend their principles for the votes of Tea Party followers, who may agree with them on some financial issues but sharply disagree on social policy; or do they focus on long-held principles that may not hold as much appeal among mainstream voters?

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Shawn Levasseur said...

Don't trust the media on this. This was based mostly on an interview with Wayne Root.